Thursday, April 22, 2010

To e-read or to not e-read???

Barnes and Noble Nook

Sony e-readersiPad

Amazon Kindle

     Going to a book store is always a great joy for me. Looking through the stacks to find a book I've never read. I can lose hours on end in a bookstore, and that would all go away the day I buy an e-reader. They're a marvel of morden invention, but I feel reading was already a simple task that didn't need to change. There are some benefits to owning one, so lets explore!!

     The No. 1 thing all e-readers have going for them is they save you space!!! My room is cluttered with space. The Nook uses 3G wireless technology and WiFi to dowload books, and can store up to 1,500 books. Kindle also uses 3G, depending on which one you buy it can store 1,500-3,500 books. The iPad uses 3G and WiFi, but since it's a cross between smartphone and mini laptop the amount of storage is anyone's guess. The Sony Reader Daily Edition uses 3G, while other Sony products have to contect to a computer to download. Suppose one day there is a system overload or the product just stops working all together??? What then? It just seems easier to reach in a bookshelf.
     It certainly sounds tempting to buy one. If I were going on a long vacation I can understand the temptation of having hundreds of books at my fingertips. But the one thing stopping me is COST!!! Kindle can range from $250-$489. The Nook is around $260. Sony e-readers vary from $174-$399. For the moment the iPad STARTS at $499. I'm sure the iPad cost will go down once the craze is over.
     The iPad and Amazon Kindle DX lead the way in screen size at 9.7 inches. The rest range in size from 5-9 inches. The Nook and Kindle boast that there is no glare from there screens. The iPad and Sony Reader Daily Edition can read in portrait or landscape (that's vertical or horizontal if you're drawing a blank) view. That's a plus since the landscape view makes it seem like you're reading a real book.
     All of them allow you to adjust the text size. For a person with poor eyesight, like myself, that is a plus. Without my glasses or contacts the book has to be right up against my nose!!!!
     Battery life varies on all of them. It can range from hours, to a week or 10 days. What if you're stuck in a place where you can't charge?? Hmmm!! Imagine you're reading a mystery novel and you are 20 pages from finding out the killer and what happens "LOW BATTERY !!!! LOW BATTERY!!!" You rush to try and finish the final pages, you're two pages away from solving the mystery and what happens ..... The screen goes dark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call me crazy, but you will never have to make sure the hard copy of the book is charged before you leave the house!


  1. Good points! The only reason I want one is to save some space in my apartment, and also, to save space in my bag on my way to work or when I'm on a plane.

  2. I think I'm just anti-technology on this one!