Thursday, July 8, 2010

I really don't like my iPhone anymore!!!!


After months of anticipation, my vacation is finally here. I had few last minute items to pack. Then I decided my phone has been acting up lately. Calls keep dropping. The wireless service keeps dropping. I realized it had been months since I synced my phone. I see there is a software update. Bingo!! That must be the solution. After downloading everything I think I'm done for the night. WRONG!! The update wiped out 90% of my music. I'm convinced Steve Jobs is behind this!!! So now I'm up at 3:30 in the morning attempting to put all of that music back on my phone!!! It's going to be a long night.!! Once I hit the road I will be updating you all on the joys of a seven-hour car trip!! A review of Heart of Lies by M.L. Malcolm will also be posted later today. Happy reading everyone!!

Update: Food along I-95 is extremely overpriced!! Chicken fingers, fries and a lemonade = $11. Feeling ripped off = priceless. I did my best to read. I'm starting to like Asleep by Wendy Raven McNair. But after staying up all night trying to put my music back on my phone, I was in and out of consciousness!!!

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