Sunday, November 21, 2010

What's up Tweeps?!? #2

What's up Tweeps?! Welcome to the second edition of my monthly feature. This is when I take a look at bookish questions, and whatever else tickles my fancy. This month's question was: As a blogger, have you found your writing voice yet? If so how long did it take you? Thanks to Teresa ( for participating.

Teresa: I have been blogging for eight months and am still finding my voice.  I can see the progress that I've made since I wrote my very first reviews, but there is still room for improvement.  In order to find my voice I've tried new things and kept those that seemed to work.  I think that its one of those things that is constantly a work in progress.

And what about me? I think I'm getting there. I started eight months ago, and wished I knew then what I know now. I'm still learning to say no. In the beginning I said yes to everything because I was trying to build my audience. I fought my way through books I didn't like because I thought I had to. How wrong I was! If I don't like something, I can easily say no. New features, like this one, have helped me find my way. I must be on the right track, since you guys keep coming back. Like Teresa, I'm still a work in progress. One day I'm going to get up the nerve to do a video post. I tried once, but I thought I looked HIDEOUS!!

Next month's question: The conundrum, what are your thoughts? Will you still buy from them? I'm torn. has been a hot button lately after their failed attempt to hide behind free speech. They let a pedophile publish a book about how other pedophiles can love children, without crossing a line. Riiiiiiiiiight!!! I know that idiot "writer" said he had never done anything to a child, but should have used some common sense. I know this is a long-winded question, but what are your thoughts? E-mail responses to Entries are open until Dec. 18. 


  1. You are braver than I am. I have no desire to a video post :)

    Thanks for featuring me today.

  2. You're welcome. I'm still working up the nerve on the video post. I don't always like my still photos, video will be daunting!