Monday, December 27, 2010

What was on the cover?

Under the Mercy Trees: A NovelThe RemainsBy Fire, By WaterGar Fish & Long Gravy: Memoirs of Southern SensibilityEverything I Never Wanted to Be: a memoir of alcoholism and addiction, faith and family, hope and humorYou Already Know How to Be Great: A Simple Way to Remove Interference and Unlock Your Greatest PotentialBuffalo Unbound: A CelebrationSugar TowerA Friend of the FamilyTestarossaBlood LilyCity of Tranquil Light: A NovelHeavenly (Volume 1)Up from the Blue: A NovelHushThe Twin's DaughterLow Red MoonExleyGoing Away ShoesEverything Is Going to Be Great: An Underfunded and Overexposed European Grand TourThe InsiderThe Panic Zone (Jack Gannon)The Life You've Imagined: A NovelDefending the Enemy: Justice for the WWII Japanese War CriminalsThe Tourist TrailBlindsidedBased upon Availability: A NovelThe Recipe Club: A Novel About Food and FriendshipTodos SantosAsleepLife After Yes: A NovelVexationHeart of Lies: A NovelSweet Dates in Basra: A NovelWe Need to Talk About Kevin: A Novel (P.S.)The Girl Who Fell from the SkyRolling With The PunchesThe Haunting of Andrew SharpaiThe Sound of a Wild Snail EatingEscape The HezbollahThe Case of the Great Granny: Bradley Daggers InvestagatesQuicksandPromise Not to Tell: A NovelThe Darkest Child: A NovelTrue ColorsThe Girl She Used to BeBetween, GeorgiaGods in AlabamaThe Glass Castle: A Memoir The Help

Like the montage? Blogger didn't want to cooperate the whole time. I tried to use smaller images, but it just would not come out right. It took some time to find all of these covers, WHEW!! I went back through my archives to highlight the covers of books I read and/or gave up on. Which one was your favorite? Personally, the covers of A Friend of the Family, The Twin's Daughter, and The Darkest Child were my favorite. Normally on Monday I take a look at the covers of the books I'm reading or going to be reading. That is on hiatus until next week. We will return with a discussion of the cover and giveaway of Delirious by Daniel Palmer. Please come back on Thursday for my end of the year post. I will be taking a look back at why I started this blog, sports and pop culture in 2010.

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