Friday, February 17, 2012

Q&A with Catherine McKenzie

Here are a few questions I had for Catherine McKenzie, author of Spin.

1. If a reporter hasn't followed a starlet into rehab, they will soon. How did you come up with the idea for Spin? Did Lindsay Lohan provide any inspiration? It’s funny, as I wrote the book and went through the long and winding road to publication, I was worried that that very thing would happen! Lindsay Lohan was not the specific inspiration. Rather, a bunch of celebrities were going in and out of rehab and the media was in a frenzy about it. All kinds of inside information was leaking out about their stints in rehab and the paparazzi were stationed outside trying to get the perfect shot. That’s when I began to wonder why no one had ever followed a celebrity into rehab. And about 5 seconds later I thought I’d write a book about it. 
2. Would you ever do what Kate did? No, I don’t think so. I think one of the underlying points of the story is that what she is doing is morally wrong – I really believe that everyone is entitled to as much privacy as possible in general, and in particular when they are seeking recovery.
3. How do you find time to write and still practice law? I’m a good multi-tasker, I guess. I also break writing down into little pieces – 500 words a day or a chapter a week so that it’s manageable. I also give myself deadlines because otherwise my books would still just be ideas.
4. In three words how would you describe your book?
How not to be immodest … hmm … I hope people would describe it as: funny, thought-provoking (does that count as one word?), compelling.

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