Friday, March 16, 2012

My take on: Redwood Bend

Driving down a long stretch of road you never know what is around the next corner. Could be just another driver running errands, which I'm more inclined to believe. Someone looking for an escape just like you or it could be the love of your life. In Redwood Bend by Robyn Carr one of her characters found more than she bargained for.

Before I go on a little disclaimer, if you haven't read  Hidden Summit STOP reading now. This is an ongoing series and if you haven't read the previous book it might spoil some things for you. But if that doesn't matter you, by all means continue reading.

After a long period of turmoil, Katie Malone and her twin boys, Mitch and Andy, are on their way to Virgin River. Her brother Connor is waiting to spoil his nephews and protect his little sister. Connor has always been a guiding force in Katie's life. After the death of Katie's husband, Connor was there. After months apart from each other, Katie is ready to build a new life in Virgin River. But along the way there Katie was thrown for a loop. After a flat tire Katie crosses paths with former bad boy Dylan Childress. The attraction is instant, but both of them want to deny it. Katie has her hands full trying to raise her boys. She has to get her life together. She has to find a job, a home, and a school for the boys. Romance is very low on the totem pole. When it comes to commitment, Dylan is a little gun shy. As a former child star with absentee parents, Dylan doesn't know what a healthy romantic relationship is. His movie-star grandmother took control of him before Dylan went off the deep end. He's used to a simple life and uncomplicated relationships. A widow with two kids doesn't exactly sound like Dylan's cup of tea. Or does it?

Of course it does, but Katie plays hard to get. Dylan thinks he doesn't want a relationship. He makes sure Katie knows that he's attracted, but he is just passing through Virgin River. Both of them have no illusions about this "relationship." They're both very clear that it's just a fling. A relationship with attachments isn't always easy. You could be perfectly clear about your intentions, but the other person becomes more attached than they should. In this case it's Katie. It sounds very cliche that the woman in the relationship becomes attached and even falls in love. But it does happen a lot. When the time comes for Dylan to leave, Katie puts on a brave front but misses him so much it hurts. Dylan doesn't know why he can't go back to his life. Katie is under his skin. He stayed on in Virgin River to look for ways to grow his failing airline business when Hollywood comes calling again. Getting back into the business could help grow his business, but it could also corrupt his soul again. Katie doesn't want a superstar, she just wants someone to love her and her boys.

I wasn't a fan of the romantic setup. It didn't seem very realistic to have any instant attraction to a man you met on a chance encounter. Also every man in this book is portrayed as the hero. When are the women going to take over as heroes in romance novels? Katie has her moments in this book, but overwhelming the men take charge. Connor is the stubborn, neanderthal who will protect his sister at all costs. He can't be rational when it comes to Katie's love life. He acts first and thinks later. Dylan even gets his chance to be the hero towards the end of the book, but I'm going to stop before I spoil too much on that front. If you're a fan of the Virgin River Series, than this is right up your alley.

Rating: Give it a try

Note: I received a copy of the book from the publisher (Harlequin) at the request of the author's publicist (Little Bird Publicity)

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