Monday, November 5, 2012

My take on: The Angel

Ok, a few things to take care of before I dive into my review of The Angel by Tiffany Reisz. If you haven't read  The Siren, the first book in the Original Sinners series, STOP reading NOW and go read the first book. Honestly, you can read The Angel without having read the first book, but I don't think you will truly understand their personalities without some context. Second rule of business, if you don't like erotica STOP reading NOW. If you're religious or a prude, STOP reading NOW.

Now, if you're still reading GREAT!! I don't read a lot of erotica books, but every now and then I do like to step outside of the box with my reading. Ever since I read the first book in the series, I've gotten  A LOT of similar review pitches. Some I have said yes to, so don't be surprised if you see more reviews like this in the future. I loved The Siren, so of course I said yes to reviewing the second book.

Famous erotica writer and dominatrix Nora Sutherlin is up to her old tricks in the second book. She is once again immersed in a complicated -- but loving -- relationship with her longtime lover Soren. It's hard for me to understand how someone could find pleasure from pain, but it works for these two. But trouble is on the horizon. Soren, who also happens to be a Catholic priest, is up for a promotion to bishop. A reporter, Suzanne Kanter, receives an anonymous tip that Soren a.k.a. Father Stearns is hiding something. Suzanne has no idea what he's hiding, but the scrutiny alone is enough to send Nora into hiding. Of course Nora isn't alone. Michael Dimir, a fellow parishioner, is along for the ride. Soren saved Michael from himself by rushing him to the hospital after a suicide attempt.

At 17, Michael is young and confused. Becoming a member of Nora and Soren's underground circle would be a dream come true. But Michael is afraid of that dream. He's afraid to be himself. If his family knows the truth, will they accept him. He doesn't have to explain anything to Nora, she already accepts him. Michael is her Angel. She makes it her mission to help Michael spread his wings, and become his true self. Michael and Nora hide out in the upstate New York mansion of millionaire playboy Griffin Fiske. Griffin relishes having Nora and Michael stay in his home. Griffin is immediately smitten by Michael, but can't give into his desires. Why? He doesn't have Soren's permission. Griffin has left a trail of lovers, both male and female. Griffin isn't the relationship type, and Soren doesn't want Michael to get hurt. But Michael feels deeply attracted to Griffin. Michael is too afraid to express his feelings, but Nora is determined to bring them out. Yes there is sex and physical pain involved, but Nora helps Michael to find his voice. He finally learns to stand up for himself.

After reading the first book, I thought Soren was a sadistic monster. I didn't like his character at all. He found pleasure in torturing Nora physically and emotionally. What is the attraction between them? What makes him special? What is his motivation? He didn't come out of a box like that. The second book softens up his character a lot. You learn a lot more about his background. You feel sympathy for him. Although, the details  of his childhood are very stomach-churning.

Yes, there is a lot of sex in this book. It seems like there is more sex in this book than in the last. my opinion the sex is part of their character development. In the first book, we're just getting to know these characters. The second book delves more into their pasts and their psyches. Before she became the powerful Nora Sutherlin, she was wild child Eleanor Schreiber. Soren saved her from herself. And their relationship grew from that. Soren had a terrible childhood, but he still had the capacity to love and be very giving to others. Thanks to Nora and Griffin, Michael learns to spread his wings. He finds the strength to stand up to his abusive father. He finds the strength to tell his mother who he is. Michael, Griffin, Nora, and Soren aren't normal by society's standards, but after reading this book you'll learn there is nothing wrong with being different. Who cares what others think, as long as you're happy with yourself?

By the end of The Angel you will be wanting more. And get your minds out of the gutter with that last statement!! The last page reintroduces us to a beloved character from the first book!!! You will have to read both books to find out who I'm talking about. The second book ends on a cliffhanger! So I can't wait to read the third book in the series!!

Rating: Superb

Note: I received a copy of the book from Little Bird Publicity in exchange for an honest review.


  1. I have not read anything by this author, but do have The Siren on my Kindle. Thank you for your review. I love a book that is good enough to leave me wanting even more.

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