Saturday, February 9, 2013

My take on: Hysteria

I loved Fracture by Megan Miranda, so of course I leaped at the chance to read her next book. The cover of her latest book, Hysteria, pulled me in. Where is that girl's face? What is her story? Is she crazy as the title would suggest? What is causing the hysteria for the main character? For me, the book contains just as much mystery and intrigue as the cover.

Teenager Mallory Murphy's life is in a state of flux. Her boyfriend Brian has died by Mallory's hands. She can't remember the exact details, but we're told it's self-defense. Megan Miranda reveals snippets of that night throughout the book. It wasn't until the end when I was really certain of what had happened. Mallory feels extremely guilty about that night. Anyway you slice it, Mallory took someones life. How do you go on with life knowing that someone died by your hands? Mallory feels like the whole world is staring at her. People know what she did and they avoid her. She feels like a demon seed within her own family. Mallory thinks her parents are afraid of her, and that they don't want to be around her. Life just isn't the same. Her best friend Colleen is the only person Mallory feels like she can turn to. Despite being grounded all the time, Colleen makes the time for Mallory. Their friendship is about to be tested when Mallory is sent away to Monroe Prep, a fancy schmancy boarding school.

Monroe Prep should be a fresh start for Mallory, but she can't seem to escape her past. Brian is dead, but he continues to haunt her dreams. She's even starting to believe that the dreams are real. Things in her dorm room are still in their place, but Mallory knows something is off. Someone has invaded her space, and she can feel it. Someone is trying to drive her crazy. Who is it? It can't be Brian's mother, she is in a mental hospital. Mallory is convinced it is Brian. She can feel his presence. It's getting harder and harder for her to sleep. Mallory feels like she is going crazy. Colleen isn't a few houses away like in the past. Who can Mallory turn to? Reid is the one friend Mallory has made at school, but she is afraid to tell him too much. Reid's family has known Mallory's family for a long time, but the two teenagers weren't always close. Now that they have reunited, Mallory doesn't want to screw up their friendship. But, you know this friendship is going to be challenged.

A fellow student is murdered and Mallory is the prime suspect. Oh no, not again?!?! Mallory doesn't seem like a violent person, but she clearly isn't herself. She seems to be descending into madness. Maybe she has finally broken from reality, and in that state could Mallory have committed murder? Megan Miranda did a great job of building the suspense throughout the book. The book has a mix of horror and paranormal elements. I was constantly wondering where the book would end up.

It feels very much like a teenage whodunit murder mystery. But the end of the book was a little bit of a letdown for me. When we finally learn who the murderer is and why, I thought I had missed something. I reread the last few chapters a couple of times. I wanted to make sure I understood everything. I wasn't in love with the ending, but as a whole it was a very good thriller.

Rating: Give it a try

Note: I received an e-galley from the publisher (Bloomsbury) in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. YES!!! This book looks AWESOME! And I'm absolutely in LOVE with the cover ... very eerie. :)