Thursday, September 12, 2013

My take on: The Book of Someday

Three women with different backgrounds, and leading separate lives are uniquely tied by a mysterious woman in a shimmering silver dress. Sounds intriguing. Livvi, Micah, and AnnaLee don't know each other but they have a connection that will forever haunt them. The cover certainly hints at an air of mystery. Why does that young girl have her eyes closed? Whose hair is that above her? What story is lurking behind that cover? I had the opportunity to meet the author, Dianne Dixon, and get my book signed at BookExpo America.

Livvi had an abusive childhood. Her mother abandoned her. Her father and step-mother both act like they hate her. Livvi grew up fearing her father. She tried to hide from him, but he would always find her and pull Livvi by her hair. Her step-mother Calista was no help. Everything wrong in the family was somehow Livvi's fault. She was constantly tormented by a frequent nightmare about a woman in a shimmering silver dress. I thought to myself, what is so scary about that? How will it connect to the rest of the stories? I had to keep reading to find out. Livvi's only refuge was a journal, where she would write about her hopes and dreams. As an adult, Livvi fully separated herself from her family and turned that journal into a novel called "The Book of Someday." The novel is her chance to forge her own path in life.

Everything should be good for Livvi, but a new relationship makes her question everything. Andrew is handsome, charismatic, rich, and most of all loving. But Livvi knows he is hiding something. He won't reveal any personal details. On the flip side, neither will Livvi. Why tell him her sob story? Andrew's secrets and his reasons for hiding them seemed a little unrealistic. He has a daughter, Grace, a crazy wife, and a mother who loves his crazy wife. He can't divorce this crazy wife because it might literally kill her. She might go off the deep end. That didn't seem realistic to me. He seemed to be using the crazy wife as an excuse. The only thing keeping Livvi with Andrew is Grace. Even though this isn't her child, Livvi wants to offer Grace a refuge from the craziness. She can be that person whom Grace can turn to when things get too crazy. But she could be setting herself up for failure. Without Grace, what kind of relationship do Livvi and Andrew really have?

I know I spent a lot of time on Livvi, but there was a lot to discuss. Micah is a famous photographer, who has just been given a devastating diagnosis. She has breast cancer, and without treatment she could have very little time left. She hasn't had too much time for relationships or close connections. Micah is all about Micah. But now she has to find out if anyone cares about her? Will anyone miss when she is gone? Has anyone's life been worse or better since she left it. This journey is very humbling and humiliating for Micah. When it's all said and done, the last thing she has to do is confront the picture of the woman in a shimmering silver dress. I was a little confused by her connection with the picture, but it certainly was engaging to read.

Livvi and Micah's stories both take place during the present day. AnnaLee's story takes place in 1986. She is a young mother and housewife. Her husband Jack feels like he is constantly disappointing AnnaLee. He hasn't found a career that motivates him. AnnaLee has to sell her family heirlooms to help make ends meet. Their niece Persephone is a moody teenager, who doesn't feel like connecting with her aunt and uncle. I connected the most with this narrative. AnnaLee just wants her ensure he family's happiness and financial security. But it's so difficult. She manages to bond with Persephone, but Jack is still a work in progress. The end of this narrative is extremely sad, you have to read the book to know what I'm talking about!!

Separately, I think all three women could have carried their own book. There were moments when I was wondering how this all fits together. In the end, it all works and is a story worth reading!!

Rating: Superb

Note: I received a copy of the book at BookExpo America.

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