Saturday, November 15, 2014

Little Black Lies free preview!!

"Zoe Goldman, a resident psychiatrist who struggles with ADHD, is haunted by a reoccurring nightmare of a mysterious fire that claimed her mother’s life. The arrival of a new patient, a skillful sociopath who killed her own mother as a teenager, reignites Zoe’s desire to dig deeper into her own family history. But with Zoe's adoptive mother suffering from dementia and no other source of information, Zoe struggles to solve the mysteries of her past while trying to keep it together in the present.  Little does Zoe know that uncovering the lies will soon reveal everything she needs to know and change her life forever."

An extended preview of the LITTLE BLACK LIES by Sandra Block, featuring the first five chapters of the book, will be available beginning Tuesday, November 11th for FREE!  The preview will be available as a free ebook at all major online book retailers including, B&, and more.  

Intrigued? I know I was. All I saw was the title in the e-mail pitch, and I was hooked. The cover looks pretty good too!!! Almost looks like she's giving us the evil eye!! Little Black Lies will be out in February from Grand Central Publishing.

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