Sunday, December 28, 2014

My take on: Owning Violet

Monica Murphy my hats off to you! She certainly knows how to write a hot love scene. I recently finished Owning Violet, book 1 in the Fowler sisters series. There were definitely some moments where I thought, "Should I be reading this? What if someone catches me? Am I old enough to be reading this?" I'm over 30, so of course I can read it. Reading this book took me back to the days of junior high school, when I was reading Jackie Collins and knew that I shouldn't!

I say all of this because I was definitely captivated by Monica Murphy's writing.

Ryder McKay is about to change Violet Fowler's life forever. But .... she doesn't know it yet.

Violet has the "perfect" life. The family business, Fleur Cosmetics, is a force to be reckoned with. Violet has worked hard to climb the corporate ladder at Fleur Cosmetics, and is getting ready to launch a new product. She's certain her boyfriend Zachary, also a Fleur employee, is getting ready to propose. Everything is going "great" for Violet. However .... Zachary is not going to propose, he's about to leave for a new job assignment in London. Also, Zachary is not exactly marriage material. He's been cheating on Violet throughout their relationship. In Violet's mind, marriage would have put a stop to all the cheating. Their relationship is actually at it's breaking point. No time like the present for the handsome and manipulative Ryder McKay to swoop in.

Ryder wants Violet, and what Ryder wants he gets. Pilar, Ryder's part-time lover and mentor, wants Violet's power. Someday, Pilar wants to run Fleur, but that might not happen with Violet next in line. A dangerous plan is hatched. Pilar will work her sexual "magic" on Zachary, driving a wedge between him and Violet. Meanwhile, Ryder will seduce, dominate, and eventually break Violet. He will break her down so badly that she will leave the company. If all goes well, somewhere in the distant future Pilar and Ryder will rule Fleur together. What can go wrong? ....... EVERYTHING!

Ryder has never had a meaningful relationship. Pilar rescued him from a life of drugs and poverty. She cleaned him up. She helped him rise the corporate ladder. Ryder owes her everything, but there has to come a point when his debt has been paid.

Once the plan is in motion, Ryder gets more than he bargained for. He starts to see Violet as more than just a conquest. More than just another notch on his bedpost. He begins to crave Violet, and she feels the same way. They need each other every minute of the day. They think about each other every minute of the day. They are addicted to each other.

The first half of the book is dedicated to the mounting sexual tension between Violet and Ryder. I like that it wasn't an instant relationship. They don't hop into bed within the first five chapters (the deed doesn't occur until Ch. 19 if you want to be exact). Of course they do everything short of sex in between, use your imagination!

Ok, I did enjoy the first half of the book .... but the second half was a little bit of a letdown. I liked the buildup to the relationship, but soon their relationship is nothing but sex and domination. I wanted something more. I wanted more depth to the relationship. More conversation that wasn't about how much they craved each other. Ryder's past is glossed over. Clearly he had a tough childhood, but there isn't a lot of detail to it. I wanted him to show more vulnerability, instead of always portraying himself as the alpha male. The ending also felt a little rushed to me. Ryder's redemption felt a little quick.

Overall, I think this is a series worth picking up. Although Ryder and Violet won't be the central focus in the next two books, I'm curious to see how their relationship plays out. Also, I hope Pilar will finally get what's coming to her!

Rating: Give it a try

Note: I received an e-galley from Sullivan and Partners in exchange for an honest review.

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