Friday, September 3, 2010

Guest post, courtesy of my little brother!!

In an effort to get my 10-year-old brother to read more, I bribed him ($20) to read a book of his choice. I also agreed to let him post it on my blog. Here is his debut review:

Wayside school is a crazy school. The building has thirty stories with one room on each floor.  Ms Zarzes is on the nineteenth story, but the joke is there is no nineteenth story and there is no Ms Zarves. The school was closed for two hundred and forty days. Then it got reopened. Louis is the yard teacher. Ms Jewls teaches on the 30th floor. In Ms Jewls class, there are three Erics. Eric fry, Eric bacon, and Eric oven. Eric oven is very fat. And there is a girl called Sharpie, who sleeps all day in school.

 I really like this book. I think it is very funny and very creative. All the people are crazy. Nobody is normal. It’s a very silly school. Well, Todd is the only normal person. Even the teachers are weird. Ms Jewls even says that when Sharpie sleeps she is dreaming about work, and that she thinks better.

There’s a kid called Kathy. All she likes to do is bug kids. But she is smart. Everybody hates her. My favorite character is Joe. His hair is like a bush with rabbits in it. And Joe can’t count. He says 1, 9, 8, 3, 2, 10, so I think it is really weird. I love this book because I love funny books. I really love the Ms Zarves joke.

And I love the discipline board. If you’re bad she writes your name on the discipline board.  If you are bad two times it gets a check. And if you’re bad one more time she circles it, and you go home on the kindergarten bus at 12:00 pm. And at wayside school door is a bad word, instead they say goozack

And at the end of the story Ms Jewls has a baby. Her name is Mavis Jewls. And she is four days old. Everyone said she was beautiful. Everyone crowded around the baby. Then Louis came in and showed everybody his head and there was a third ear. Anyway I think it is a very good book. And I love it.


  1. That's $20 well spent! Keep going, kid.

  2. Way to go, Little Brother! I enjoyed reading your review. I agree with you. Wayside is a crazy school. And I think it's a good "back to school" read. I think I'll get it for my grandson. He's 11. Keep reading and writing.

  3. Little brother: Thank you. I'm going to keep reading more.

  4. I used to LOVE this book! Great choice little brother!

  5. This used to be one of my favorite books growing up. I'm glad your little brother liked it as well!

  6. Hi, I'm visiting from the blog hop. Anything to get them reading!

  7. hopping by... well done little brother! Keep reading!


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