Friday, January 14, 2011

My take on: The Secret Life of Sandrina M

"She understood now that being in love wasn't the result of weak character or mal-intent but rather a small spark that was struck inadvertently and could eventually make a whole forest burn. Especially if the forest had been left too dry too long." Pg. 293

What if you had everything, but felt it just wasn't enough? Something is missing. The passion and drive that was there so readily when you were younger isn't as strong. You're just going through the motions. Would you risk everything, career and family, to find that spark again? Would it be worth it? And at what cost?

In the Secret Life of Sandrina M. by Jessica Dee Rohm, Sandrina Morgan has it all. A successful business in public relations and a husband who loves her. After 15 years of marriage, Sandrina and her husband Michael have developed a comfortable life. But after a miscarriage Sandrina is questioning her life and her marriage. The miscarriage while devastating to her, was a relief for Michael. Her feelings are tossed aside by Michael. The pregnancy gave her an even greater purpose in life, and when that's gone what's left? A husband too concerned with his failing business to acknowledge his wife's feelings.

" had been only her fleeting pregnancy that gave her a feeling of true purpose. And knowing that Michael held this power over her  full realization of herself, made her feel toward him something close to hate."

A business trip to Brazil changes everything. There's an instant connection between Sandrina and businessman Warren Waterhouse. The intimacy has been lacking in her marriage. But I wondered, would someone like Sandrina even be feeling this way if circumstances were normal? She resents her husband, but would Michael act the way he did if his business wasn't failing? Sandrina is not at her best. If you just lost someone or something you had longing for for years, would you be in your right mind. A grieving person acts much different than someone who isn't. But can she ignore the attraction or give in?  Warren can truly see her to the core or at least she thinks so.

"Despite her evasion, she knew he saw her demons, 100 percent proof and completely clear, just like a bottle of vodka. She was unhappy and unfulfilled, just like him."

The ensuing relationship is very sensual. The language is very sensual, if that's not your cup of tea don't read it. But Jessica Dee Rohm had me believing in this relationship. It seemed very real to me. I thought maybe they are meant to be together, but what about Michael? Living in the moment with Warren doesn't come without consequences. Her personal and professional life suffer. Things she would normally be on top of get ignored. Her mentor Joshua Baum becomes her moral compass. He tries to make her see the light. But will she? Sandrina worked hard for what she has, and it's crumbling. Which left me wondering, is it worth it? Is a hot new relationship worth breaking up a 15-year marriage? Once the passion of the new relationship dissipates, what is left?

The story is very believable. Regardless of your economic or racial background, problems in your work and love life are universal. There is also a lead character you can get behind, despite her faults.

Rating: Give it a try

Notes: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review. For more information on author Jessica Dee Rohm visit:

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