Thursday, May 31, 2012

My take on: I Hunt Killers

Sometimes I just don't get why some books are part of a series. Can't everything be said in one book? Do you really need to stretch the idea more? But after reading I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga I am glad this story isn't done. As I got closer to the idea I thought this story can't be finished. I want more. I want to know more. Why do I have to wait until the next book to get the rest of the story?!?!?! Who knew a book about a teen hunting a serial killer could have such a hold on my attention?

More than anything Jasper "Jazz" Dent wants to be a normal teenager. But there was nothing normal about his childhood. While other fathers were helping their kids with homework or teaching them how to play sports, Jazz was learning the "art" of the kill from his father Billy Dent. Billy is a notorious serial killer. Billy wanted his son to embrace his heritage and join the family business. He found joy in torturing people. Jazz doesn't want to embrace that side of himself. He just wants to be a good friend to Howie and a good boyfriend to Connie.

Now that his dad is in prison, Jazz is just searching for some normalcy. That all changes when a copycat tries to pick up where Billy Dent left off. Jazz makes it his mission to hunt down the killer, who calls himself The Impressionist. The local sheriff, G. William, and his friends plead with Jazz to step aside. But he can't. Why? Jazz seemed so desperate to prove that he isn't his father's son. Make a show to the town about how diligent he is to stop the murders, and maybe they won't look at Jazz as a suspect. Jazz also wants to prove to himself that he is a good person.

"What matters is, he fits in. Doesn't stand out. That's our biggest and best skill, Jasper. People think it's knowing how to cut up a body or seducing a pretty little thing into your car. Nah. That's bull. That's stuff you can learn on the Internet. Our real skill is blending in. That's what we're good at." (Pg. 319)

Maybe all this time Jazz has just been trying to blend in. Despite his past, Jazz looks normal on the outside. But on the inside, his mind is anything but normal. Jazz thinks and dreams about killing. How easy it would be to cut human flesh. What would it feel like to see the blood dripping? But they are just thoughts. He's afraid to go off the deep end. Jazz loves Connie, but is constantly afraid he will hurt her physically. She doesn't see it that way. He needs to deal with his past before he can think about a successful future.

What is Jazz's future? Who knows. Jazz isn't sure what kind of person he is. Is he a killer in waiting or just a normal 17-year-old? He could go either way. I want to know. I wish I could know now. The ending just leaves you wanting more. Jazz's story is just beginning.

I'm 29, and some passages in this book scared me. Jazz isn't afraid of what lurks behind a dark corner or a dark basement. But I was for him. The Impressionist knows Jazz is on his trail, he even makes subtle contact with Jazz. That subtle contact freaked me out a little. The Impressionist could be anywhere. He could look like anyone. He blends in. You're not sure when he is going to strike. The pursuit of The Impressionist is a suspenseful one. There were moments when I was scared for Jazz. Then there were moments when I was just plain scared. It was a mistake to read this book late at night. I highly recommend this book, just make sure you read it during the day!!

Rating: O.M.G. !!

Note: I received a copy of the book from the publisher (Little, Brown and Company) in exchange for an honest review.

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