Monday, August 26, 2013

My take on: Afterburn

Ever wanted a second chance at love? Ever thought about the one that got away? Ever wonder what could have been? Gianna "Gia" Rossi was once in the throes of a hot, hot, romance with Jackson "Jax" Rutledge. Their relationship ended abruptly, and Gia has done everything possible to forget him. She's just landed her dream job with restauranteur Lei Yeung. Everything in her life is going right....that is until he shows up. Jax is back in Afterburn, the latest romantic adventure from author Sylvia Day.

Clocking in at 135 pages, it's a quick and easy read. But it feels like a little bit of a tease. There is a decent amount of back story on Gia. She comes from a loving family. The Rossi family restaurant taught Gia all she knows about the business, but she wants something for herself. Working for Lei Yeung is a chance for Gia to pave her own path in the restaurant business. All of her brothers, some of whom hate Jax, serve as her protectors. But of course Jax returns.

I just don't think we know enough about Jax and his character. Jax comes from a wealthy political family. He's a typical playboy. Or is he? It seems like Gia has an image of Jax in her mind and doesn't want to entertain anything else. It's hard for Gia to believe that Jax might actually love her. By the end of the book she's entertaining the thought that Jax has changed. But the book ends before it can delve any deeper. Which is why I say......what a TEASE. I know enough about Gia, but I want to know more about Jax. He exudes power and sex appeal, but I don't know what makes him tick. What are his vulnerabilities? I want to be inside his head. I'm kind of hoping that Aftershock, the next book, is told from Jax's perspective. There's always hope, and I'm looking forward to the next book!!

Rating: Give it a try

Note: I received an ARC from Little Bird Publicity in exchange for an honest review.

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