Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Thursday, another gripe

It's Thursday, so it's time for my weekly departure from books. It's time for me to rant. If you follow me on twitter, you've seen my little rant on the New York State DMV. Today I want to expand it a little. Six months ago a cop pulled me over for allegedly following another car too closely. Who gets pulled over for that?? At the time I felt setup. I was in the fast lane going about 55-60 mph initially but I had to slow down because the other car decided to go 40 mph in the FAST LANE!! Three seconds after the slowpoke moved out of my way, I got pulled over. Fast forward to this week, I finally went to my local DMV torture chamber. When I went in, I could see the place was C R A W L I N G WITH GERMS!! No wonder some people who work at the DMV are so crabby!! I've been to other DMV offices and they were much cleaner.

As I made my way to the room. I was a half-hour late, due to traffic issues so I was crossing my fingers that the cop wouldn't show up. There were two cops in the room, but I wasn't sure who my cop was. Who can remember a face from six months ago?? I saw the cop for all of a few seconds when he leaned inside my car!!  No such luck with the cop not being there. One of New York's finest said I was going 70 mph and so was the other car!! LIES!! If we were both speeding, why did he only pull me over? Of course I can't remember for sure how fast I was going that night or last night on my way to work for that matter. I really had nothing to back up my case, so of course I was found guilty. The clerk told me the fine was $25. I was ready to jump for joy before the clerk told me about the $80 S U R C H A R G E!! Highway robbery!! A simple $25 ticket turns into $105!! What a racket!! Anyone else have a wonderful DMV story to tell??


  1. After that you really deserve this award:

    Trust me, New Jersey DMV is no better!

  2. Awesome!!! Thanks for the award. I pay it forward? Is that how this works? I'm off to explore some more blogs.