Friday, June 25, 2010

Book giveaway

So far in this reading journey I have liked just about everything. But every so often I come across a book that I can't finish. Sometimes the book just doesn't live up to the press release. Mara's Flowery Arrows is one of those books. So I've decided to pass this along to another blogger who can finish it. Only rule is you must be a follower of my blog and please, please, please post a review of it. First one to respond gets it! Here is a snippet of the press release I received:

Does a mysterious manuscript, discovered by chance in the library of a Burma's monastery, contain the oldest thriller story of Southeast Asia literature? In the far east of the Indochina peninsula during the Ninth Century A.D., Prince Asaka fights against the intrigues of the Khmer Court. A prince of the Court, son of the King, is found assassinated: why somebody would want to accuse a poor slave unjustly of such an important crime?

Note: A few weeks ago I hosted a giveaway for The Souls of the Fire Dragon by John Wrieden. CKY Books was generous enough to post a review at Check it out!!!

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