Saturday, March 26, 2011

My take on: Enough About Love

Enough About Love"Right now, she is asking him to find the words that will help her draw on her own strength to give up what each photo says. Look at this happiness, my happiness, my husband, my house, my children, my parents, look. It's all there, spread out on this kitchen table, years of life in fading colors, I give them to you, I'll abandon them for you, my love. But what about you, what are you offering? Tell me that." -- Pg. 102

Is it worth it to give up your life, marriage, and family for another person? You've spent years working on a marriage and suddenly you meet a charismatic person, who makes you question everything you thought you knew. Is it worth it to change everything? I've never been in that situation nor do I want to. The characters in Enough About Love by Herve Le Tellier (translated from french by Adriana Hunter) give into their passions, but not without consequences.

Anna and Louise don't know each other, but the problems in their lives are very similar. When she's not working, Anna spends her days whining to her psychiatrist, Thomas le Gall. After a 1,000 appointments, Thomas wonders where Anna's treatment is going. A chance encounter with an intriguing writer, Yves, leads Anna to lie constantly. She's so seduced by Yves, but is unsure if he's worth giving up her life for him. Will her children except him? Can he fit into her life?

Meanwhile, Thomas becomes downright giddy when he meets Louise at a party. The emotions don't make sense to Thomas. Why is he so in smitten with Louise? She's married with children, and therefore unavailable, but he can't resist. Louise is equally smitten.

Louise and Anna both become more bold in their encounters. Anna feels confident in asking for more sexually. Louise isn't afraid to proclaim her love for Thomas publicly. Louise can bring Thomas around her children without fear. Is their attraction right? Are they just living in the moment? Can these feelings last forever? Is it just infatuation?

"...what attracts us about another person has more to do with what makes them fragile, the chink in their armor. Love is kindled by the weakness we perceive, the flaw we get in through, wouldn't you say?"

Are we attracted to someone we think we can fix? Are we attracted to someone we think can fix us? I'm sure some people don't want to admit that. Some of the characters in the book don't want to admit it.

The book is told from several points of view. You kind of feel like a peeping tom. Should we be seeing this? The emotional breakdowns of the husbands in the book is heartbreaking. They both have a chance to meet the competition, and can't help but feel empathy for them. I don't feel so sorry for Anna or Louise. It seemed like Anna was looking for an adventure. Why not turn to your husband for that adventure? And I thought Louise had an affair because she could. They are all flawed characters, and thankfully the ending isn't wrapped up in a bow.

Rating: Give it a try

Note: I received a copy of the book from the publisher (Other Press) in exchange for an honest review.

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