Friday, December 16, 2011

My take on: Airel

I tend to stick to the real world when it comes to the books I read. But occasionally, I will step outside my comfort zone. Angels and demons just aren't things I can relate to. When I said say yes to reading and reviewing Airel by Aaron Patterson and Christ White, I did it purely based on the cover.

In my opinion, the cover is quite striking. Is this a dark story? Romantic? After reading the book, it really captures the main character Airel. The girl on that cover is longing for something. What or whom is she longing for? I wanted to find out the answer to that question.

Airel is your typical teenager. She lives in the suburbs of Boise, Idaho with her parents. She has a talkative best friend Kim. But something is missing from her life. She didn't know what it was until she met Michael Alexander. For Airel, it was love at first sight. Why? The first time she saw him it was very briefly. How can you find love so quickly? That's the problem I have with some books. I can believe in an instant attraction, but love? Michael is fawning over everything about Airel. He says over and over how beautiful she is. Romantic to some, but I found it to be a little sappy. Despite my doubts, they do have some sweet moments. She worries about how she looks to  Michael. Is she pretty enough for him? Is she talking too much? Is she not talking enough. It doesn't matter because Michael loves the whole package.

But Airel's own body is fighting against her new found love. She often feels queasy. Like only a best friend can, Kim chimes in with her two cents, asking Airel if she was pregnant. Well there is no chance of that. But what is it? Could it be Michael? Just the sight of him makes Airel nervous.

The story shifts back and forth from present day to 1250 BC Arabia. My first thought was why? I was invested with Airel's story. Why are you taking me back to the past? How does this relate to Airel? Kreios has just lost his wife and is left to protect his infant daughter. Kreios is no ordinary man. He has special powers. He can fly. Kreios is after the Seer, who seems like he is out to destroy the world. Kreios' storyline seemed like it could be a book on its own. Why mix the past with the present? I didn't get why until the last 100 pages.

In the present day, Airel just wants to be a normal teen. But she realizes that isn't possible. She witnesses a murder and is convinced the murderer is after her. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Airel's body is going through some serious changes. She has the power to heal and read minds. Is this a gift or a curse? How can she use this? A mysterious man shows her the way. Is this what she wants or is it destiny?

"I always had to buy a book, even if I wasn't done with the one I was currently reading. I loved to read. I felt like the turn of each page echoed inside the world between the book's covers -- and each book had its own rules. There, within the mystique of that connection, was something special, and it was addictive." Pg. 161

In a figurative sense, Airel is writing her own book. How will it end? I can't tell you, but the book ended in a way I wasn't expecting. The ending is very action-filled, but not all of the questions are answered. It leaves you wanting more.

Rating: Give it a try

Note: I received a copy of the book from the publisher (Stonehouse Ink) as part of a blog tour.


  1. The cover is definitely intriguing. I don't like it when characters feel insta-love either. Still, the book sounds like it has some great things going for it- like the action-packed writing. I may give it a try.


  2. The last couple of chapters are definitely action-packed. I was speed reading to get to the end.

  3. Thanks for the read and the review. I agree with you, Airel sucked on the love at first site thing. Writing it I was annoyed but writing sometimes the character tends to do what they want. The funny part is she does not know why and thinks how it happened was kind of lame as well... but the Why and all the things leading up to them being together will become clear in the next books.

    P.S. Michael, book 2 does not start off slow, it has more action and some cool new characters.

    Thanks again!