Friday, January 20, 2012

My take on: Fracture

A lot can happen in eleven minutes. Just eleven minutes into reading Fracture by Megan Miranda I was hooked. In this book, eleven minutes forever changed the life of Delaney Maxwell. Her best friend for life, Decker, ran across a frozen lake with Delaney trailing close behind. Decker made it to the other side with their friends, but Delaney wasn't so lucky. Delaney fell through the ice, and then panic set it. The pain was nothing like she had ever felt. Her struggle to reach the surface proved futile.

Delaney is eventually plucked from the frozen lake, thanks to the zealous efforts of Decker. But eleven minutes have passed. Despite being revived by paramedics, will Delaney ever be the same? How is it possible to survive after being submerged in such cold water? Won't she have brain damage? I know miracles happen all the time, but I found it hard to believe someone could survive an ordeal like that. Setting that aside, Megan Miranda pulls you into the story right away. I was thinking where else can this story go when it starts off with the action right away?

The book delves into Delaney's feelings of guilt. How could she survive when others in her situation haven't? What is she supposed to do with this second chance? Delaney is OK in the physical sense, but she is forever altered emotionally. After awakening from her coma, Delaney has this strange pull toward the dying. She wants so much to help these people, but doesn't know how. Decker and Delaney's parents have no idea how to help her. Her parents, especially her mother, just want to medicate Delaney with pills rather than listen to her fears. Delaney's mother thinks her daughter is losing her mind. Her mother has her own issues. She seemed very withdrawn from Delaney after the accident. She wants the old Delaney back. The new Delaney is behaving differently. She won't listen to her parents and does numerous things without her parents permission. The old Delaney would never do that. Her father would rather talk around the problem than acknowledge it.

Decker doesn't know what happened to his best friend. They've been best friends since they were little, but there is unspoken romantic tension between the two. Their relationship seemed very real. They're scared to have romantic relationships with other people because they worry what the other will think. If they cross a certain boundary it will ruin their friendship.

Delaney feels like she is going crazy. Is she? A mysterious boy named Troy enters Delaney's life to answer that question. Like Delaney, Troy has survived a life-altering accident. His parents and sister died in a car accident but Troy survives. He also has an unnatural pull to the dying just like Delaney. He tries to help Delaney cope with life. But is this really living or hell? How can Delaney truly live when she will always be pulled toward the dead? Despite wanting to help the dying, it won't always be possible.

 I think Megan Miranda will be around for a while. It's hard to believe this is a debut novel, it's very well-written. This book read like a psychological thriller with some paranormal elements. The ending isn't wrapped up in a bow, but you feel hopeful for Delaney's future.

Rating: O.M.G. !!

Note: I received a copy of the book from the publisher (Bloomsbury) in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Great review! I didn't connect with Delaney in this one but I agree the writing was wonderful!!

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  2. Delaney did seem a little cold at times, but the writing is what kept me reading.