Monday, January 2, 2012

Q&A with Deborah Brown

Here are a few questions I had for Deborah Brown, author of Crazy in Paradise

1. A lot of the characters (Spoon, Axe, Buckshot) have unusual nicknames. I was curious, why those names?
Coming up with unusual character names for me is fun and an important way for me to connect with them.  I favor the unusual instead of Bob and Steve.  I keep a list of every odd name, nickname that I come across from television, radio, reading.  I’m a big car-racing fan and Buckshot is the nickname of a driver I rooted for because he was cute.

2.Would you consider continuing Madison's story?
My plan is to write three books in the “Paradise” series.  Madison’s story continues in Deception in Paradise and introduces her ex-husband, who arrives in town and is quickly the suspect in a murder.  Madison will evolve, learn from her experiences, and take charge.

3.What author or authors have influence your style?
A friend introduced me to the Janet Evanovich numbered series a few years back and I promptly read every book.  When I finished, it was then I became inspired to write.  I knew enough crazy characters to fill page after page and it was going to be fun to sit down and weave snippets of drama into a storyline.  In addition, it was a perfect way to unleash my dry sense of humor. 

4.How was the journey in getting your book published? Was it easy or hard?
I would say it was a gigantic learning curve.  The challenge was balancing all the business decisions with the creative writing demands.  I spent day and night working on my Indie venture because I’m literally an entrepreneur, owner of my own business.  Honestly, it was fun, exciting and a little boring because the details got tedious.

5.In three words how would you describe your book.
 Humorous, quirky and adventurous!

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