Thursday, August 5, 2010

Spy mission ahead!!

Love that Family Guy clip!!! I thought we'd start off Thursday with a little comic relief. It's been a relatively peaceful week for me. It's odd I usually have something to complain about at the end of my work week. Instead, I'll tell you all about the upcoming week. Later today or early Friday, I will post a review of Todos Santos by Deborah Clearman. I also plan on going on a SUPER SECRET mission to the YA section of my local book store. Shhhhhhhhhhhh!! Don't tell!! For years I've had a brain lock on YA novels, but my interest has peaked recently. So we'll see what I come up with. If there's a reasonably priced camera out, I'm going to buy it. I see other bloggers with video, and I think, "I could do that too!!" We'll see on that one!!

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