Monday, August 9, 2010

Two new covers

Defending the Enemy: Justice for the WWII Japanese War CriminalsThe Tourist Trail 
Finished Based Upon Availability by Alix Strauss over the weekend, and I loved it. A review will be posted at the end of the week. Ms. Strauss will be speaking at a local library on Friday, and I will be posting my thoughts on the reading and the book then. Still engaged in The Recipe Club by Andrea Israel and Nancy Garfinkel. I'm now diving into Defending the Enemy by Elaine B. Fischel and The Tourist Trail by John Yunker.

The cover on Defending the Enemy is rather simple: a cherry blossom. The book is about a former legal secretary and her experiences during the Japanese war crimes trial. It's been a while since I read a memoir, plus I see this as a way to brush up on history. The cover seems so simple for someone charged with such a tough task. With The Tourist Trail cover it might be hard to tell, but those black marks are penguins. Yes, penguins! Ever wanted to know what goes on at a penguin research station, well I'll find out for you.

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  1. A book cover represents its moral and this book looks so nice those cover page has been design well. So a writer need to draw attention on this.