Monday, June 13, 2011

It's Monday, what's on the cover?

Don't look at those eyes too long!! Don't they just creep you out?!? I'm reading Don't Breathe a Word by Jennifer McMahon because it was at the top of my reading pile. Those eyes just follow me around the room. She wants to tell me something. If I don't read it now, she might come after me. A young girl went into the woods and was never seen again. She believed in a fairy land. Did she runaway to this fairy land? Or did someone very human take her? Stay tuned!!

With Birthday Pie by Arthur Wooten, I'm returning to the realm of dysfunctional families. How dysfunctional? Take a look at the recipe on the cover. SIX tablespoons of Bourbon in that pecan pie instead of two?!? The Martindale family has a story to tell. Reading it so far, these characters are very flawed. Some judge others rather than looking in the mirror. Know anybody like that?

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  1. I got an ARC of Don't Breathe A Word awhile back & when I finally got to reading it, I always turned the book to the back side because those eyes creeped me out! I loved the book, it was creepy & eerie.
    Nice post (a bit late ;b )