Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear spammer, I am not stupid!

It's time for my Thursday gripe.

Everyday I check both of my e-mail addresses almost every hour. Since I started blogging, it's become an obsession. Some of my e-mail is worth reading, others not so much. I have to laugh when I get an e-mail saying," URGENT!! I need your help. My father, who is worth $7,000,000, has passed away. I need some poor sucker to help me get it into the U.S. I need to keep it out of the hands of the evil chief in my village. I am willing to give you 60% of the money, if you just help me get into the U.S. All I need is your name and your bank account, so I can clean it out. I trust you can help me!! Contact me ASAP!!"

The sad thing is some people fall for this. If I ever did anything like this, these people would be really disappointed!! There's not much to steal, except cobwebs, from my bank account!!

Note: I'm getting there with my reading. I hope to have a new review posted by Friday or Saturday. Which one I don't know. I like the first half of The Tourist Trail, but it seems to be shifting focus. It's becoming a different book for me. There's still another half to go, so hopefully that changes.

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