Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 2 BEA photos!!

I paced myself a little better today. I think yesterday I got caught up in, "I have to make it here by 11:00, here by 11:30....." I managed to get everything I wanted to day and more. A full recap is coming next week, but for now how about some photos!!

Maureen Johnson was super nice. It took an hour to get off the line, but it was worth it. She had no problem posing for a picture. I'm a little bummed she didn't wear the Abe Lincoln outfit she hinted at on Twitter.

Michelle Hodkin, author of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, and Kristi from The Story Siren. Her book sounded so good. I missed out on the ARCs, but you never know there might be some on Thursday.

Contributors to the book Dear Bully. I got there late because it took a little while to get off Maureen Johnson's line. I know the blonde in blue is Ellen Hopkins, everyone else I have no idea.

Country singer Chely Wright signing copies of her book Like Me. It's a little far away because I wasn't sure if I could take one up closer since she was running late. She was super super nice!!

After going to the Audiobook Tea, I want to listen to an audiobook. That's not the best picture, but I was little tired. The tea was at the end of the day. Star Jones (standing at the podium), Tony Horwitz, Karin Slaughter and Brad Meltzer were on the panel. I've heard of Karin Slaughter and Brad Meltzer, but I have never read their books. Brad Meltzer was very funny!!


  1. I really enjoyed spending time with you on Friday. I felt bad that I didn't see you later in the day to say goodbye because I had such fun with you earlier.

  2. Nice meeting you too. I had to go to another event, that's why I had to rush out afterwards.

  3. Good gracious, I was at the APA Audiobook & Author Tea also! Brad Meltzer and Karin Slaughter were super cool, and I loved it when Scott Brick stood up to read that small portion. His voice is beautiful!