Monday, February 13, 2012

My take on: I Hate You, Kelly Donahue

Just about everyone has a person at their job that they can't stand. You don't like the way they chew, walk, talk, or gesture. It doesn't take long before you're plotting carnage against this person because you just can't take it anymore. I Hate You, Kelly Donahue by Mark Svartz is what we all secretly think but could never say.

This is definitely a grown-up book. There are pictures and language that are for adult eyes only. The book is essentially a diary on the plot to bring down Kelly Donahue. Every object is a potential weapon to murder Kelly. Every time she walks by is a chance to learn her habits, including how many times (4.2) she goes to the bathroom. If he learns her habits, perhaps he can learn her weaknesses. Be kind to her face, while secretly gathering information.

Feed her cupcakes so perhaps she will get obese and die of a heart attack. Feed her peanut butter cookies, hoping her allergies kick in and kill her. Dating her is out of the question, right? How can he lower himself by getting close to someone he hates? Well he does it, but for a good reason. Get even closer to Kelly, and she will never suspect his true motives. Mark is a soldier, and he is taking a hit for the good of the country. There is no way this could go wrong?

Deep down we all have these feelings, but we just can't admit them. This book will allow you to secretly indulge in your fantasies. His thoughts are funny, juvenile, and creepy all at the same time. Funny because Kelly is oblivious to what is going on around her. Juvenile because the narrator just seems a little immature. Creepy because Mark comes with five ways Kelly could meet her demise. Each plot was more elaborate than the next. If you need a distraction from a long day at work with a person you can't stand, take a little time out to read this book. You will be laughing at all the crap that got you down, and possibly plotting a little revenge!!

Rating: Superb

Note: I received a copy of the book from FSB Associates in exchange for an honest review.

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