Monday, January 24, 2011

It's Monday, let's try something different!!


Happy Monday everyone! Today is the day when I talk about the covers of the books I'm reading. I've started Blue by Lou Aronica. It's a YA title with a mix of fantasy. The cover is very blue indeed, looked more like a sci-fi book than YA. A teenage girl named Becky and her father Chris are at a crossroads. They don't speak, at least not like when she was younger. When Becky was five, she and her father created a fantasy world. It was a way to distract Becky from her illness. It was a way for them to bound. Here is a little taste from Blue....

I'm still learning the wonders of YouTube videos. Now that I have started, I might not stop. Isn't that kitten cute? It's taken me nearly a year of owning this laptop to discover I had avatars on my program. I could have been posting personal videos much sooner. Perhaps if I get a little more comfortable, I will do a Vlog. Right now I'm like a kid with a new toy because I just discovered how to do something new. If I can I will post a picture of hair all done up!! Hope you like the new feature, if you do I will keep it. Happy reading everyone!!

Notes: I'm looking for takers for next month's edition of What's Up Tweeps?! Also the giveaway for Delirious by Daniel Palmer is still open. Just click the tabs at the top of the page for details. I'm 100 pages from the end of Delirious, and so far the book is awesome. I can't believe this is a debut. I know I said I would post a review a few days ago, but I got a little behind. It will be up very soon.

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