Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's Up Tweeps?! No. 4

Welcome to What's up Tweeps?! No. 4. It's a monthly feature where we take a look at book related topics or whatever else tickles my fancy. January's question was:  How would you encourage a non-reader to read? I have this problem with my little brother. He thinks reading is for girls. I disagree. What are everyone's thoughts on the matter?

Here are a few words from my 10-year-old little brother on the subject: Hmmmmmmmmmmm!! I don't like reading because it makes me fall asleep in about five minutes. Instead of reading I would rather be doing math problems. Reading even gives me headaches sometimes. I would rather watch TV and play video games. Beside who invented reading? Why does there have to be a state reading test if you don't like to read? I think reading is stupid. People don't need it to help them with their writing and grammar when they can just use a dictionary.

What are my thoughts: Obviously at 28, I disagree with the thoughts of a certain 10-year-old. Some of things he said were in jest, but some I know he meant. Reading can help with so many other facets of your life. At 10, he just doesn't see it yet. To him reading is a big inconvenience. I have bought several books for him over the past several months. Some he likes, some he doesn't and anyway you slice it, he won't read it. We are total opposites. I have always loved to read from age 5, and that won't change. I haven't given up yet, but he doesn't make it easy.

Thoughts from Laura at The Shabby Rabbit ( Leave books that may interest the bathroom. :) It's worked before! ie: books of short stories...try King..or westerns or star trek books. Those are quick reads. Bet they read them whether they admit it or not. just check for the dog-eared pages.

Next month's question: James Frey is fleecing budding writers. Frey has created a publishing company, where students co-write novels with him for as little as $500, $250 or in some cases nothing. The bulk of the work is done by the students. Frey has "some" input. This is done on the premise that book will eventually become a bestseller, and then they reap the benefits. They've already achieved that with one book, "I am Number Four." Is Frey merely trying to help or is he robbing impressionable college students blind? Email responses to Entries are open until Feb. 18. Happy reading everyone!


  1. Maybe he just hasn't found a book he likes enough. I struggled through many books at school until I came across Greek Mythology and loved those - then went on to read historical fiction.

  2. He tends to like the easy stuff, like iCarly and Wayside. A book longer than 120 pages is usually a turnoff for him. One day he will have to break that mold.