Monday, February 7, 2011

It's Monday, What's on the Cover?

Mad Love

I had to take a break from Life by Keith Richards. I still want to know about that wacky guy, but he's slowing me down. I will come back to him, I just don't know when. Instead, I'm focusing on some shorter books. I started reading Mad Love by Suzanne Selfors. Take a look at that cover. There's a message repeated over and over in the shape of a heart. The message says, "I don't believe in Cupid, I don't believe in Cupid...." If you try to follow the message all the way through to the center you'll get dizzy. Perhaps you'll even start to believe the message yourself. I know I don't believe in Cupid.

This title is from Bloomsbury, and it's just in time for Valentine's Day. Hopefully, I will be finished by then. So far, it's pretty good. In the meantime, check out the trailer for Mad Love.

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