Sunday, February 20, 2011

What's Up Tweeps?! No. 5

Welcome to What's Up Tweeps?! This month's question is all about James Frey. Mr. Frey is fleecing budding writers. Frey has created a publishing company, where students co-write novels with him for as little as $500, $250 or in some cases nothing. The bulk of the work is done by the students. Frey has "some" input. This is done on the premise that book will eventually become a bestseller, and then they reap the benefits. They've already achieved that with one book, "I am Number Four." Is Frey merely trying to help or is he robbing impressionable college students blind?

Imagine it, you're a budding college student with dreams of being a writer/novelist. It truly is a dream to have a successful writing career. So few make it. You struggle for years and years. Some might even be desperate enough to take the first opportunity that comes along. Enter James Frey and his Full Fathom Five company. Basically an assembly line publishing company with rates on par with a sweat shop. He's already succeeded with one project. Take a look at this trailer....

I am curious does anyone know what that movie is about? That was my first thought when I saw that trailer.

I say Mr. Frey is robbing students blind. The contract allows Frey to remove the co-author at any time and does not require him to give the co-author credit. With a lot of help from Jobie Hughes, I am Number Four was created. But surprise, surprise Hughes and Frey had a falling out. Now, Frey can get all the credit and money on future books and movies. Why should he stop when there is always cheap labor out there?

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