Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Welcome Kim Kircher

Here are a few questions I had for Kim Kircher author of The Next Fifteen Minutes: 

1.     Before you husband's health problems, were you living life in small increments of time? This was a technique I used only at work. Since my husband knew he would need a liver transplant someday, he approached life with a bucket list, wanting to check off as many items as possible before he got sick. Our life became a little manic. I am a planner, so I would look far into the future, trying to orchestrate our path. When our plans derailed, I realized that life happens only in the present moment. Whether trying to "get through" an ordeal or experience all that life has to offer, it all happens in small increments of time.

2. After everything, have you or will you change how you got about life? Yes. For one thing, our marriage is very strong. We are each other's biggest advocates, and knowing that my husband has my back gives me confidence and strength. We also practice gratitude. Several times a day I remind myself what I'm grateful for. It has become a dinnertime ritual for our family to verbally acknowledge our gratitude for the little events of the day. It's easy to slip back into old patterns, but life constantly offers reminders to stay in the moment, to be grateful and to grow.  

3. If you weren't a ski patroller, what else could you see yourself doing? Before I patrolled, I was a high school teacher. I've also worked for Outward Bound as an instructor. I enjoy teaching teenagers; their lives are tumultuous and ripe for insight. In writing I hope to touch readers in much the same way, sharing vulnerability and being honest.

4. Are going to continue writing? Do you see yourself writing fiction? If so, what type? Yes. I enjoy writing articles and have been freelancing for the past few years for skiing and outdoor magazines. My blog is growing, and I enjoy that kind of short, fast assignment. I also enjoy longer work. I'm currently working on a novel that takes place at a ski area.

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