Friday, October 15, 2010

Come on let's hop!!

Book Blogger Hop

First a little housekeeping note: I'm trying to start up a new feature called, "What's up Tweeps?" For now it will be a monthly feature. Hopefully in the future, I can make it weekly. It won't always be about books. Sometimes it will be whatever nonsense is in my head. My first question is, "Why do you follow book blogs?" Be honest. If it's for the content, say that. If it's for giveaways, say that. I'm aiming to have the post up by next Thursday. I'm extending entries until Wednesday. Since I want it to be apart of a blog post, e-mail me at

Now on to the business at hand, every week Jennifer at Crazy-for-Books ( hosts a blog hop. Put your link in, post a comment and you can discover a lot of great blogs. Make sure you leave a comment on the blogs you find it helps drive up traffic for my fellow book bloggers. The Hop lasts Friday-Monday every week. This week's question/task: When you read a book that you just can't get into, do you stick it out and keep reading move to your next title? When I first started blogging, I would stick it out. I thought I had to keep going. But I usually give books 50-60 pages before I give up. Sometimes more. I'm reading two books right now that I'm not totally feeling, but because I agreed to review them on certain dates I am going to stick it out. If I can't get into an unsolicited book, I will stop reading and move on.

Here are some blogs I came across:


  1. Hi..stopping by from the hop. What a cute blog you have here...Im following...:D

  2. Stopping in via the hop! Happy weekend!

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I don't know how you can stop reading! If I leave a book unfinished it eats away at me. I'm constantly wondering what would happen even though I know it was a bad book! Like I said, I think it's my OCD =)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Lindsi: The first couple of days I think I should go back, but then I look at the list of books I have piling up. I can't let myself get bogged down with books I don't like.

  5. Do you still review them if you hated them?

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  6. Two of the books I wrote partial reviews on: Everything is Going to Be Great by Rachel Shukert and Vexation by Elicia Clegg. They weren't overtly bad but they kept going in circles. Both got to a point where I didn't care how the books ended.