Monday, October 4, 2010

Which cover do you like?

A Friend of the Family
I finished Up From the Blue by Susan Henderson, look for a review by Wednesday or Thursday. I had to give up on Going Away Shoes by Jill McCorkle. I gave it 85 pages, but short stories just aren't my thing. I'm still reading Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens, and it's good. I have also started Testarossa, City of Tranquil Light and A Friend of the Family. It's this last selection that brings us to Monday's weekly cover feature.

Last week, Algonquin surprised me with a review copy of A Friend of The Family by Lauren Grodstein. I was mesmerized by the cover. Can you guess which one? The one on the right is the hardcover. I received the glossy paperback edition. The paperback cover makes me think, "why is that woman a friend of the family?" She can't possibly be up to any good. That eye is staring right at me. Does she want something? If so what? I don't ask those questions when I look at the hardcover edition. On the hardcover, I think that man or woman wants to end it all or just runaway from life. Maybe it's all true, but the paperback edition is definitely more interesting. Look for a review and blog Q&A on Nov. 5.


  1. Like the right one better, it makes me wonder who this woman is, what she thinks feels and what her story is... If you like covers and fun stuff, maybe check out my blog tomorrow. I want to establish a weekly event called " ReCOVERy Friday" where everyone is supposed to post one of their favorite covers and explain why( 2-3 sentences) link it back to my page where everyone can enjoy covers of other bloggers:)

  2. I will definitely take a look. I'm such a cover person. I often buy books simply because of the covers. Sometimes I'm disappointed because I forget a good cover doesn't always make for a good book.