Monday, October 18, 2010

What's that on the cover ?

Blood Lily

Before we get to the business at hand. I'm still trying to drum up interest in a new blog feature. I'm trying to start up a new feature called, "What's up Tweeps?" For now it will be a monthly feature. Hopefully in the future, I can make it weekly. It won't always be about books. Sometimes it will be whatever nonsense is in my head. My first question is, "Why do you follow book blogs?" Be honest. If it's for the content, say that. If it's for giveaways, say that. I'm aiming to have the post up by Thursday. I'm extending entries until Wednesday. Since I want it to be apart of a blog post, e-mail me at

This week I hope to have a review up of City of Tranquil Light by Bo Caldwell. It started off a little slow, but 100+ pages in the book is getting good.

On to the important stuff. Today is Monday, and every week I look at the covers on my TBR pile. Up next on my reading pile is Blood Lily by Mason Cranswick. Two friends, one white, one black are feuding amidst the Rhodesian War during the 1970s. I could always stand to learn a little history, which is why I said yes to the pitch e-mail. The bright yellow color makes me think of hope. Are the birds on the cover flying towards the hope of the future? I'm intrigued, I've never read a book set in Africa. Stay tuned!!