Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday morning covers

It's so hard these days to think of Keith Richards and not think of Johnny Depp. I've seen one of the Pirate movies, I think they're up to No. 100 now. Anyhow, I think my view of Keith Richards has been forever altered by Captain Jack Sparrow. Thanks to Kelly at Hachette, I have a copy of Life by Keith Richards.

Take a look at that cover:


I think that picture says it all. This is not a kiddie book. I'm only a couple of pages in, and I can say the man led a wild life. The book is 400-plus pages, so it might take me awhile to finish it. Hopefully, I will have a review up of By Fire, By Water up by Friday or Saturday. I've finished The Remains by Vincent Zandri, but that is part of a blog tour. Look for a review of The Remains on Dec. 16.


I've also started reading Exley by Brock Clarke. I got a copy of this from Algonquin months ago, and I'm finally starting it. I see the happy face on the book, but since part of the backdrop for the book is the Iraq war I don't think this is a very happy tale. Can't wait to find out!

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