Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Monday, what's on the cover?

Heart of Deception: A Novel

It's time to find out what happened to Leo Hoffman. We met Leo in my review of Heart of Lies last year. Now it's time to see what author M.L. Malcolm has in store for our flawed hero in Heart of Deception. In the first book, Leo constantly told lies of the heart. Lying was his way of protecting his family, but eventually the consequences were deadly. In Heart of Deception, Leo has now become a spy, in hopes of seeing his daughter Maddy again. The cover on this one is a little different from the first. On this cover, we can see the face of woman on the cover. Is she longing for something? Is she waiting for someone? Can't wait to find out.

Notes: A review of The Bonus by Georgia Lowe will be posted tomorrow. Also, I'm looking for takers for my What's Up Tweeps?! feature. Here is April's question: Do you post negative book reviews? Why or why not? E-mail responses to Entries are open until April 21. If you have a question or topic that you would like to see discussed here, feel free to e-mail me. Who knows what we can come up with. Happy reading everyone !!

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