Thursday, June 24, 2010

Almost at a loss for words

I was driving home this morning, and wondered what am I going to rant about this Thursday? It has been a relatively peaceful week. I had nothing to gripe about until I was about 400 feet from home. I realize it was 2 a.m., but I still find it rude when someone double parks and blocks the street. I'm not against double parking, I do it myself. But I don't prevent other cars from going around me. This person was not in the car and I had about a millimeter on each side of my SUV to get by. I made it through without scratching the dude's precious sports car. Want to guess when this dude decided to move his? AFTER I PASSED BY!! When I parked my car I further down the street I made sure to block his way. I took my sweet time parking!!! I'm sure someone was throwing daggers at me through the tinted windows of his precious sports car. But, I don't really care!!!! Now I'm off to finish the last 60 pages of We Need to Talk About Kevin. Wimbledon distracted me from reading Wednesday!!

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