Thursday, June 17, 2010


As a cartoon character, Pepe Le Pew was hilarious, but his real-life counterparts are rather stinky. Driving home early Wednesday morning I was too focused on getting home to my bed, that I almost ran over a rather foul SKUNK CARCASS!!! I swerved just before I hit it, but I wasn't sure at first. I carpool, so I asked my co-worker, "The smell is going away right? The smell is going away right? The smell is going away right?" If you say something enough, it should come true right? He wasn't sure and neither was I. The smell of a skunk can linger for miles, so I continued to drive home in fear. It's not like I can give my car back, I just converted the LEASE INTO A LOAN LAST MONTH!! I'm stuck with a potential stinker!! "Oh My God!! What's going to happen?" I was secretly praying, "Make that smell go away! Make that smell go away! Make that smell go away!! I can't afford the amount of tomato sauce it would take to soak my SUV!" Sure enough if you say something enough, it comes trues. A couple of miles past that stinky carcass the smell went away. Crisis averted! I drove the car on Wednesday without a problem! Now that this is over all I have to say is, "Please make me a millionaire! Please make me a millionaire! Please make me a millionaire! PLEASE MAKE ME A MILLIONAIRE!" I don't think it's working now!


  1. I just found your blog from the Blog Hop! As soon as I saw the skunk, I knew I'd like it. I work nights and every night for the last 3, there has been a family of skunks right under the steps where I walk in. Babies are adorable but every night I walk in slow so they don't get me! I really need to sneak up on them and get some pics!!

    Looking forward to following your blog too!

  2. I figured the skunk would draw people in! It must be an adventure to go into work every night. Thanks for following my blog!

  3. If there's one smell I despise, it would be the smell of skunk. I remember precisely the first time I ever smelled skunk. I was about 8 years old, and my cousin was driving me home when a disgusting smell surrounded the car. I held my breath instinctually, but when I couldn't hold it anymore, I exhaled, took another breath and I was shocked that the smell was still there! I couldn't escape it! It went away after a while, but to my young mind, it felt like eternity. I couldn't figure out how my cousin could breathe without choking, like I was!

  4. That sounds awful. I'm having flashbacks to the smell right now~