Monday, June 21, 2010

What's on the cover?

Heart of Lies: A Novel

I promise, promise, promise to finish We Need to Talk About Kevin by this week. I'm more than halfway through Lionel Shriver's tale, and I have to say it's been a long time since I've hated a character. I can't stand the main character Eva Khatchadourian. If I knew a person like this in real life I would run in the other direction. I'm still engaged in Sweet Dates in Basra by Jessica Jiji.

In the last few days I've added another book to the pile. Thanks to the people at ( and Harper Collins, I'm getting to read Heart of Lies by M.L. Malcolm. It's set during the aftermath of World War I. Normally I stay away from historical fiction. I don't know why, but my brain usually has a lock against historical fiction. I used to think I had to think too much with historical fiction. But I'm glad I made an exception. Leo Hoffman is on the run from counterfeiting and murder charges, but along the way he fell in love with the young Martha. So far I can tell you it's wonderful. I can only assume that is Martha on the cover looking out over the water. I think she's longing for Leo. Where is he? Is he coming back? What will Martha do without Leo?  Questions I hope that get answered!


  1. I tend to avoid historical fiction too but have been pleasantly surprised a few times lately!

  2. With this book, the historical parts are more of a backdrop. I like that. I thought history would take over, but the love story between the Martha and Leo is the focus.