Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's Up Tweeps?! No. 7

It's time for another edition of What's Up Tweeps?! This month's question was, "Do you post negative reviews?" I had to think on this one. What do you consider negative? Should it be negative just for the sake of being negative? How far do you go?

I don't want to post negative reviews. But I also don't want to look like I'm pandering to authors and publicists. I want to say what I like and don't like without ruining relationships with authors and publicists. I think publishers and authors want to see both sides of the coin. How else can they know what readers want? I don't think I post negative reviews, but I will say what I don't like about a book. I try not to be offensive. A book has to be really, really bad for me not to post a review.

I haven't had any negative reaction from an author or publicist. I'm sure there are some people who don't agree with my opinion, but I must be doing something right.

Next month's question: This is for you YA readers out there. It seems so many YA books are part of a series. Do you get tired of all the series? Ever wish something could stand alone? Entries are open until May 26. E-mail entries to


  1. I hate to post a negative review without including something positive that I did like. And I always include that this is my opinion only. Some books work for me, while others don't, and other people can have the complete opposite reaction from me. That's what's so enjoyable about reading and sharing with others, so I always include that it is my thought only.

  2. I also try to include something positive without being overtly negative.