Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My take on: Call Me Irresistible

Your best friend is getting married. You show up and you’re supportive right? In most cases yes, but in the case of one character in Call Me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips her idea of support was a little different.

Meg Koranda is spoiled rich kid. Meg thinks she knows it all because she has travelled the world – on her parents’ dime. She is more perceptive than others. Meg is so perceptive only she can see that her best friend Lucy Jorik is about to make the biggest mistake of her life. Lucy is about to marry the big man – Ted Beaudine -- in Wynette, Texas. To the outside world, it’s a match made in heaven. The daughter of a former president and the son of the most prominent couple in town.  But to Meg this relationship is so wrong. She has to warn Lucy right? She could end up the most hated person in town?

Of course she expresses her feelings to Lucy, otherwise there would be no point to this book!! Lucy already had doubts she just needed a true friend to point it out. Lucy literally leaves Ted at the altar. Meg is public enemy No. 1!! It’s comical and sad when Meg gets stuck in Wynette. Her family has finally cut her off financially. What’s a person to do? Work for the town gossip, Birdie, as a maid at her inn. It was nice to see Meg taken down a peg. She looked down on the people in town and their money, but still wanted her parents to fund her adventures.  But working for Birdie bordered on torture, and she had Ted to thank for that. He made sure Birdie paid her less and worked her more than anyone else. I have to wonder if there are small towns like this? If you hurt the most beloved person in town, there will be hell to be pay.

Meg seems to be the only one who can match wits with Ted. She doesn’t buy into his mystique. She doesn’t hang on his every word. She doesn’t swoon at the sight of his handsome face – right away. As much as Ted hates Meg, he ends up needing her.  A prominent plumbing executive, Spencer Skipjack, is smitten with Meg and her famous parents. Meg would rather watch grass grow than cozy up to Spencer. But if she doesn’t he might take his money and plans to build a golf course in Wynette elsewhere. Sounds like a great choice doesn’t? Let Ted pimp her out to a sleazy rich dude? Or let the town lose out on potential jobs and revenue? I personally would tell Ted to go scratch, but Meg uses Ted’s desperation to her advantage. She gets to keep her new job at the golf course and live on Ted’s property.

Why stay in a town where people hate you? I personally would run, but Meg wants to prove a point. She wants to prove she can make it without the help of mommy and daddy. Staying in town seems to toughen her resolve. In the past, playing the famous parents card would work. But now she has to learn to fight her own battles.

Ted and Meg want to hate each other, but they end up really seeing each other. A secret relationship is formed. It’s rather steamy, too!! The passion is there between them, but is there love? Ted hides his feelings, something Meg wishes he didn’t. What’s so wrong with giving up control she wonders? Giving up control means he has to let people in.  On the flip side, Meg doesn’t know truly know what she wants. She left college in her senior year to explore the world, but never found what she was looking for. Is Ted the answer? Can she love him? Does he love her or is he just trying to save the town?

I loved this one. I read the first 173 pages in one day and finished the rest another day. I know my GoodReads account says otherwise, but I read four at once sometimes one book takes precedence over another. It's one of those reads where you keep saying, "Just one more chapter, just one more chapter." Before I knew it I was finished with the book. Call Me Irresistible is funny, sexy and romantic.  

Rating: O. M.G. !!!

Note: I received a copy of the book from the publisher (HarperCollins) as part of a blog tour with TLC Book Tours.


  1. This is the kind of book that keeps you up reading all night because you just CAN'T put it down - and then you end up with a book hangover the next day, but it's totally worth it. :)

    So glad you enjoyed this one! Thanks for being on the tour.

  2. Each time I kept saying, one more chapter, one more chapter before I knew it I was done.

  3. Once again Ms. Phillips has out done herself with another fantastic novel. Ted and Meg are great characters. I instantly loved Meg. She has this way of seeing straight to the truth of things at least for other people, but when it comes to herself she has always felt like she never measured up. In Call Me Irresistible she learns exactly what she is capable of, just how strong and smart she is and realizes she has plenty of self worth.